The Rogers Family

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

For Halloween, we got Kendall all dressed up as Princess Belle (for the final time this fall season!) and drove over to the Caton's house for some neighborhood trick-or-treating. She was sooooo excited to get to see her little bestie Ryllie!

Everyone looked so cute in their costumes and they got a ton of candy ... they had a fun night together being Princess Belle, Tinker Bell and a Dallas Cowboys football player!  Belle was ALL smiles!


We made it back home in time to catch a few trick-or-treat-ers before bedtime ... and for Kendall, as if collecting candy wasn't fun enough, answering the door & passing the candy out herself was even better!  This 3 year old definitely had a great Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nastics and Dance

For the past 8 weeks, Kendall has contiued her big girl "nastics" class with Coach Tammy ... to say she loooooves it, would be an understatement ... especially after watching this summer's awesome Olympics where the USA Women's Gymnastics Team took home the GOLD medal in Team competition, Gabby Douglas won the Overall Individual GOLD medal, and other teammates won several other individual medals! This gymnastics session Ryllie joined Kendall's class, so that was an added bonus for us!  Today for "show off day" they did the balance beam & the uneven bars.


We love her sweet Coach Tammy!  It's hard to believe its been almost 2 years since Kendall first began a gymnastics class ... but it's true.  From the looks of it, I don't see her stopping any time soon.

This fall session, Kendall started a (non-recital) Tap & Ballet Dance class (that followed immediately after her gymnastics class) at the Rec center.  Miss Tish is her Dance instructor there and Kendall enoyed this class too.  We talked Angela into enrolling Ryllie in it too, so the girls loved that! Two of her friends in gymnastics also did the dance class ... Ryan and Morgan. They all had lots of fun and loved showing us their dance routines today!  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

1st Soccer Game

Today was Kendall's first soccer game! 

She loved having her 1st soccer practice 3 days earlier and was really excited about her big game ... and getting all dressed in her pink uniform!  Kendall is not an aggressive person (especially with new people or new experiences) & usually doesn't have a hard time sharing with others, so soccer may be an interesting sport for her.  It's funny really, as a mom, I work so hard to instill in her to share, be nice & kind to others, take turns ... and then we throw her into soccer.  Of course, there are many great values & life skills in soccer, but at 3 years old, they aren't really working on those ... they are just trying to get the ball, run to their goal & score.  On our way to the game we are talking her through what to expect and she chimes in "I'm going to wait for my turn to get the ball ... someone will have a turn and then she will let me have a turn."  That's my sweet girl! 

Despite the game being scheduled during her nap time (so we expected a total disaster!), she held it together and had fun running all over the field.  There is a definite learning curve here ... 3 years old, their 1st time to play on a team and their 1st time to play soccer but they are the cutest little girls, all decked out in their pink, running in a pack up and down the field!  So adorable!

The Strawberry Shortcakes wear pink jerseys, black shorts & pink socks ... Kendall got to be #3 (which is her most favorite number in the world ... she's a little obsessed with it, actually) so she couldn't have been happier with her jersey!  Her cleats were size 10 ... two sizes too big, but we couldn't find a smaller size, so she wore double socks & we tied'em tight.



They really did great for their 1st game together and had fun ... they don't keep official score, although the Strawberry Shortcakes did win the game ... 2 of the girls scored goals and most of the team started to figure things out ... Kendall dribbled down the entire field and kicked the ball just to left side of the goal, missing it by inches ... but if you ask her, she scored a goal ... jumping up and down in excitement, saying "I did it!"  So she has a sooooo-close-almost-goal on her 1st game ... we can't wait to see what 9 more games looks like! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

1st Day of school ... 3 years old edition

Today was our 1st day school ... she was so excited for her 1st day and had a great day!  She loved being in class with her friends from last year Haley & Maddie, and she made some new friends, too.  Since her classroom is right across the hall from mine, I saw her in the hallway a couple of times throughout the day and during Chapel.  She's such a big girl now and loves it!

Kendall ... Young 3's class
(In our hast to get to school on time & for me to be ready to teach my class and get her settled into her new class, I forgot to take our traditional "1st day of school" picture in our front yard with her new backpack! We were a little crazy this morning!)


Happy 1st Day of School!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st Soccer Practice

Tonight was Kendall's 1st soccer practice!

Last week Maddie's Mom Lori called us to ask if Kendall would like to join their soccer team ... they were 1 girl short for making a complete team ... Maddie's Dad Jeff was the Head Coach ... because they were a 3 years old team, this league let them play for FREE ... their team name was the Strawberry Shortcakes ... and they would wear PINK jerseys! 

Ash had been planning for Kendall to start playing on his soccer team (a year early) in the spring in his Upwards league, but we talked about it, asked her if she would like to play now (to which she said "YES!") and signed her up.  I had just bought a pair of Nike soccer cleats at the JBF sale for $8 (thinking she would wear them in the spring) so a quick trip to Academy for shin guards, socks & a soccer ball (she picked a pink one, of course) ... and Kendall was ready for Soccer!  Daddy became the Assistant Coach and Kendall couldn't have been happier!

Kendall with her sweet little friend Maddie!  (They were in the same preschool class last year, were in summer dance together & will be in preschool together again this year.)

Kendall's 1st soccer team ... the Strawberry Shortcakes ... Kendall, Kennedy, Sophie, Brianna, Sarah & Maddie.  Don't let the fact that these sweet little 3 year olds are decked in pink fool you ... they are here to play!  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet the Teacher ... 3 years old edition

This morning, our preschool had "Meet the Teacher" ... before I started meeting all my new students & parents in my class, Kendall & I spent time in her new classroom (across the hall from my classroom!) meeting her new teachers. Being a teacher's kid, Kendall has spent a few days at school while I get my classroom ready, so she was really excited to finally get to see her new room all ready!

Our Little Cowgirl felt right at home in her new Young 3's classroom ... all decked out in Western decor.


Kendall with Mrs. Matthews (helper) and Mrs. Potter (teacher)

Kendall made her 1st craft of the year ... getting to use stick glue (one of her most favorite things)

She's got the sweetest 2 teachers!  We are so excited to start the new school year in Mrs. Potter's class!